Temperature Control Paint Solution

Cloud Japan International (BD) Ltd.. presenting “Blue on Tech new SP”(thermal barrier coating) to Bangladesh . This is mainly temperature reducing paint .

Method of working

  • This paints colored on the walls as like as other paints.
  • This paint starts working while the  outside  temperature grow up automatically .
  • The colour needs Approximately 30 minutes to reduce inside temperature contrasting with outside temperature.
  • Additionally, it stops inside cooling while outside temperature more or less 15degree.
  • The inside temperature fluctuated between 18 -26 degree by contrasting with outside temperature 28-36 degree.
  • A temperature reading metre must be installed for observing reading of temperature.

Why should people use it?

  • Temperature control (It may reduce 10 to 12 degrees)
  • This paint is fully eco – friendly
  • This paints is energy saving as well as contribute reduce CO2 emissions.
  • This paint is not hazardous for human and animal health.
  • It is a long lasting paints compared with contemporary paints .
  • Available different types of colours.
  • It is a good finish colour of lodging in outstanding contrast ratio. Thickness…..97 ~112µm, Contrast Ratio…99.3%.
  • This colour deliver a high water proof .
  • By using this colour we can save our electricity .

Temerature outline

Outside Temperature    (in degree )                                                        Inside Temperature (in degree)
45 -35 25-27
34-24 19-21
23-15 15-20
5-15 15

Easy to maintenance

  • Easy to apply .
  • Cost effective .
  • By using this paint we may develop Bangladeshi economy & improve living environment

Contemporary paints drawback of bangladesh

  • Excessive energy use.
  • Human health hazard.
  • Not eco-friendly.
  • Not cost efficient.
  • Not long lasting as like as BOT.