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Message from Managing Director

I cordially welcome you all that people are visiting our website where you will get our total information about our business. Here, we are providing valuable information about our company and business, because we always try to provide our best effort to make your life easy and more comfortable that values we bear. Each and every day in many ways, the committed and creative people of Cloud Japan prove their capacity to make our mission of extending and pretty the business of Bangladesh and Japan. We have grown extensively in the last 5 years in Bangladesh.

We are providing a quality service to the customer across the world as a strong organization. We have a large and diverse client some of which are the premier brands in their own area of functioning. This year we have burst of activities, novel ideas, more milestones, higher ambitions. Our corporate policy is to make joint venture with some of the leading multi-national companies of the world, particularly, south Asian region. We are here to help our customers “Give Shape to their Ideas”. We are also developing new businesses in Fire extinguishing sector, Insight Room control temperature sector (colour paint), Mental Health Technology where innovations in devices, clean energy systems technologies to best advantage. We are, therefore, continuously seeking reputable international partners in new industrial, ICT, mental health and power solutions sectors.

I like global things and Specialties International business, Entrepreneurship, Managing of fast growing companies. I hope you will find our website useful and interesting and thank you for visiting our website.

Md. Billal Hossain Mir