Throwing Type Fire Extinguisher


World’s best extinguishing effect!

A throwing type fire extinguisher is a revolutionary fire extinguishing apparatus developed to be used to extinguish an early or extreme stage of an indoor-outdoor fire. It can be used at the time emergencies, to prevent loss of lives, properly and also to secure escape routes. Since it is light and compact and has no complicated handling procedures, it can be used by anyone.Just throw the bottle towards the fire, the special PVC bottle breaks and the extinguishing agent disperses over the burning object creation a chemical reaction. The generated from the chemical reaction not only extinguishes the fire instantaneously but prevents re-combustion with its 3 dimensional extinguishing effect.

The chemical is Non-Toxic, so it is safe to the human body and environment. Keep a required numbers (suggested by our experts) of bottles at your industries/ factories, warehouse, market, home and offices etc. In case of sudden breakout of fires.

Product specification : The world leading fire extinguishing technology

  • The throwing type fire extinguisher: Fire Extinguishing ability of 1 bottle (650ml).
  • Just throw to put out fire. Easy to use even by children and elderly.
  • Capable of extinguishing fire of 16 m3 area in 1-5 second.
  • Restrain combustibles from burning again.
  • Capable of extinguishing wide range of fire type : Class A fire (wood, paper, cloth etc.), Class B fire (Oil, Gas, grease & other solvents), Class C fire (Electrical Appliances) & Class D fire (chemical substances).
  • Not hazardous to human body, non-toxic & eco-friendly.
  • Leave almost no stain after the extinguished.
  • Maintenance free.

Save money on fire extinguisher servicing by storing service-free fire extinguisher.

Teachnical Parameters
Product Brand Name Fire Killer
Extinguishing area 1 6m3
Bottle Special PVC bottle
Main Ingredients Ammonium Phosphate,
Ammonium Carbonate
PH 8.70±0.6 (20℃)
Specific Gravity 1 .16±0.06 (20 ℃)
Preservation Temperature range -10 ℃ ~60 ℃
Volume 650 ml
Weight 750 gm/ 0.75kg
Term of Validity 5 years